Customers: Who’s realizing benefit?

Our products are in production, bringing the benefits of our products to our customers.

Customers are realizing ROI multiples within the first year of deployment, while maintaining consistent high quality and reliability levels.

Our customers are:

• Fabless chip makers
• Fabs/Wafer manufacturers
• Equipment manufacturers

Featured customer include:



What our customers are saying about us…

“We made back our initial investment in less than a year”

-Manager of Product Engineering, major fabless manufacturer

“…can predict yield in an automated manner much better than what we could do manually”

-Director of Product Engineering, major fabless manufacturer

“…can predict faulty wafers with a higher accuracy than any other vendor we looked at, and also better than what we can do internally”

-Fellow, major 3DNAND manufacturer

“…offers the only viable solution to reduce our testing costs for one of our product lines”

-Director of Engineering, major fabless manufacturer