Move up the Yield Curve Faster, and Increasing Manufacturing Yield with Predictive Analytics ™

In the semiconductor industry, yield is more properly viewed as a function of time.  It is expected that in the early phases of a product introduction, yield will be low.  As time goes on, production and process problems will be resolved and the yield will be expected to climb.  Eventually yield improvement will level off as processes are optimized.

Those manufacturers that move up the yield curve the fastest are the ones that are profitable.  Failure to move up the yield curve fast enough will result in a loss.

Moving up the Yield Curve is not easy: A deep understanding of the semiconductor manufacturing processes is required.  StreamMosaic has the right competencies to understand what is needed to move up the Yield Curve.   We have a set of Predictive Analytics and machine learning solutions to help you move up the Yield Curve faster.  Of course each customer’s situation will be different, and we fully understand this.  That’s why we have many ways in which can help you move up the yield curve, and will tailor the solution to each individual customer situation.

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