The Company

StreamMosaicMapping the Semiconductor Genome™

StreamMosaic combines strong subject matter expertise in semiconductor manufacturing with Big Data Analytics and process control competencies to improve manufacturing yield and lower manufacturing costs. Its founder, Jeff David, brings 18 years of semiconductor industry experience as an inventor and innovator, and has brought many successful and industry-leading process control products and solutions to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.
StreamMosaic serves the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries, providing data mining, data analytics, predictive analytics process control consulting, and software solutions to firms worldwide.
StreamMosaic partners with other software and analytics firms to offer the solutions and service most suited to its customers’ needs.
StreamMosaic is an IBM business partner.


Certified IBM Business PartnerCertified IBM Business Partner and Reseller

StreamMosaic is an IBM Business Partner and is a certified reseller of IBM’s predictive analytics products, including PMQ.
IBM offers a wide array of support and services for its software platforms, lowering the risk for StreamMosaic’s customers.
As part of its solution offering, we implement IBM’s Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) solution.

The Customers

StreamMosaic’s customers are all semiconductor-related manufacturing companies, including their customers and their vendors. From the most cutting edge nodes to more mature nodes, StreamMosaic has solutions that can be applied across the industry: